Thursday, November 11, 2010

100 posts, 1 dozen cookies, and a cake.

German Chocolate Pecan Pie...don't you wish you were spending Thanksgiving with me? : )
I wish you were!
The huge cake my Dad made, it eventually fell over
Dad proud of his first cake ever!

Well folks, here it is. My 100th post!!! In honor of my 100th post it just so happens my Dad made a cake. Apparently it is the first cake he has ever made in his entire life! It was funny watching him try to work the kitchen appliances that he had never used before. I must say though, it came out far better then I thought it would, so good job Dad. He came home from the grocery store the other night with all the fixings for making a cake, including cake pans...which we already own a million of. : ) He was suddenly inspired to make a cake after remembering this yellow cake with dark chocolate icing that his Uncle and Dad used to bring home to the family from Schrafft's in NYC. I thought I would be able to find a recipe from the NYC legendary eatery somewhere online, but surprisingly I couldn't find any recipes for their cakes. So, my new goal is to come up with a recipe for this famous yellow cake with chewy chocolate icing.

I find it shocking that I had 100 ideas to post, and had something to say about all of them. I guess my brain is bigger then I give it credit for...good job brain, way to be. Here's to hoping I have at least 100 more recipes to share with you all! : ) Thanks for sticking with me and reading my humble posts, I keep posting because you keep reading...and hopefully cooking too! In honor of the big 1-0-0 I am having a contest! 1) Because I love anything involving a good fight, 2) I want to reward my faithful wonderful readers, and 3) Nothing makes me happier then giving good people good food!

So here is how it is going to work:

1) Respond to this post via the comments telling me your favorite kind of cookie
and why

2) After 1 week I will put all your names in a hat, take a break and eat a cookie, then pick one lucky winner!

3) I will send you, or someone you love 1 dozen cookies or bars of your choice...and no, I do not make "special" brownies : )

4) If I get zero comments I will take it upon myself to eat the one dozen cookies on your behalf, yeah, I am that noble. : ) Contest ends 11/18/10

check back after the week is over to see if you won...if you did you can email me your mailing information. Good luck, and may the person with the sweetest tooth win!

While we are on the topic of cookies, I thought I would share with you some info about the "cookie."

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary a cookie is:

1) a small flat or slightly raised cake
2) an attractive woman
3) a small file or part of a file stored on a World Wide Web user's computer, created and subsequently read by a Web site server, and containing personal information Just to be clear, I will send the winner one dozen of the first definition, not an attractive woman or a small file...that would just be weird.


  1. 1) you are adorable. still cracking up over your post
    2) you are my favorite cookie:)
    3) i really like Einstein brothers chocolate chip cookies (remember those??)
    3) your dad looks so proud! you re having a profound influence on the non-bakers in your family
    4) please please send me the cookies!!!
    5) congrats on the 100th post!!!

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  3. No, Marie! She's MY favorite cookie!!! But seriously, though you can't go wrong with a good chocolate chip, I think my favorite is a really brown-buttery oatmeal raisin. I also LOVE shortbread.

  4. Dags, thanks for all the baking and sharing for the sake of your readers ;) My favorite cookies (currently) are the brownie cookies from Pot Belly. I looked online for a knockoff recipe but no luck. They are a really dark and moist chocolate cookie with chocolate chips. The other cookie I've wanted to try are the chewy chocolate cookies on your blog.
    Way to be awesome!!

  5. Dagny, if I was not taking a sneaky at work, I would list 100 ways that you are AWESOME, as a roomie, as a baker, as a friend, and as a person! Seriously....I'm not brown-nosing....I honestly think it!

    I would have to say those oats-chocolate-goodness bars you brought to Marissa's wedding were my FAVORITE. SO good! Although, having seen the picture of the German Chocolate cookie....that might be it!

    I SO WISH I could be with you during Thanksgiving....can you not stay just a few more days in NYC?

    I am SO SO SO proud of you for 100 posts!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    ps. YOU are a pretty delectable cookie. I am so going to use that in my vocabulary from now on. =)

  6. I like cookies. How can I pick a favorite? Something with chocolate? Maybe those bars with coconut. chocolate chips, butterscotch and everything else.

  7. My recent favorite was an almond cranberry cakey cookie. Also liked a Rosemary shortbread. The peanut butter cookies posted here were super good, and I had J bring a pound of butter home to make those chocolate chip cookies you just posted about.

  8. was turned on to your Blog through a 13yo son loves to bake and your posts are very easy to follow and fun to read.

    My favorite cookie is a soft iced sugar cookie yummy.
    Keep up th egood work hope to read 100 more.

  9. Lloyd and Madaline SchraftNovember 12, 2010 at 1:23 PM

    I love cookies, especially those vegetarian Oreos. Can you please post some recipes using those special Columbian grown veggies? Please!

    P.S. Any good concoctions for marinating road kill - specially cat?

  10. Two words HEAVEN BARS! You know how i like it... Is it ok to pick a bar and instead of a cookie? If I have to pick a cookie I would say a good old chocolate chip cookie. Yahhh for getting to 100, congrats. I can't wait to see you in 3 days!

  11. Great to see photo of your Dad with Cake!!! Please tell him that Cathy H. says Bravo! Well done! Very Cool!!!

    And for the contest, my favorite cookie is a good olde fashioned shortbread. Why? For simplicity and purity of ingredients and is not too sweet. Second favorite is gingersnap. YUM!

    By the way, that German Chocolate Pecan Pie looks exceptionally great! I'd love to have the recipe if it's something you don't mind sharing!

    Thanks for your posts!...and thanks to your Mom for sending! Very Fun!!!

  12. Dagny, I am still so stunned to see Leif standing behind a cake he made himself! Your mom must have fainted.

    My favorite cookies in the whole world are Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies with Walnuts!!!!!!

    Hope I win!


  13. it's awesome that you have gotten to 100 posts! and i too was shocked to see uncle leif with his own cake - you've apparently been quite an inspiration to him!! go uncle leif! um, my favorite cookie? really? i'm supposed to pick?? you know i can't possibly do that! but a cookie that i usually bake at Christmas time to give for gifts is for a shortbread cookie with pecans. the recipe calls them "pecan fingers", but basically they are a shortbread cookie with a 1/2 pecan inside and rolled in powdered sugar. very much like the mocha melties you posted, without the mocha, of course. everyone loves them and they are extremely addictive! crisp, crunchy (your favorite, i know), sweet, but not overly, and simple. and did i see heaven bars mentioned?? still waiting...oh, and have fun in NYC! i'm so jealous of all the traveling you guys get to do!!

  14. Dags, congratulations on #100!!! My favorite cookies are "Cowboy Cookies" or whatever anyone likes to call chocolate chip cookies with as much outmeal and gooey-ness and crunch as can be packed into them.
    Love your blog - keep writing so we can keep eating! :)
    Love ya!

  15. My favorite cookies are Snickerdoodles. Oh man, I don't make them often because I can never stop eating them! Gah!

    I also LOVE these Irish Oatmeal cookies that my mom had a recipe for. I still make them when I'm in the mood for something yummy and hearty. I love the Irish "hearty" food :)

  16. Congrats on your 100th post! I've been drooling over your cookie photos for a while now! haha
    You are definitely gifted at cooking and at inspiring others to try to conquer the complex world of baking (well, at least for me it is!)

    Ummmm.... How about brownie cookies with raspberries? (haha ok, that is something i made up, but i could totally go for YOUR favorite cookies girl!)

  17. Congrats on your 100th post!!I've really enjoyed all the recipes and humor! My favorite cookies are Tollhouse, with oatmeal, coconut, and pecans, heck why not chocolate chips too. Keep up the great work!!

  18. My boys would love to have cookies since I never make them, LOL! I love seeing your blog posts via FB :)

    Favorite cookie would have to be good ol' chocolate chip!


  19. Hi Dagny,

    My favorite cookie is a cherry white chocolate macademia nut cookie, though, it's hard to find, and most often needs to be homemade. Why? I'm not sure! I think I had it during a Christmas party some years ago and just loved it; I can tell I loved it b/c I went home and promptly tried to make it. I like cherries in most things: ice cream, cakes, iced tea, pop, liquor, and cookies! My second favorite cookie is a milka chocolate chip cookie!! (yeaahhh baby!!) the milka melts so perfectly, but the rest of the cookies keeps the melted chocolate in place. It's absolutely delicious! I hope I won!! :) Thank you for putting on this contest! Super duper fun!! :) :)

  20. My favorite cookie is chocolate chewy. Why? First of all what’s not to like about anything that chocolaty! But here’s the most important reason I love it. Back in the day when parents and kids got to pick a cookie at Kroger, that was always my choice. When I eat a chocolate chewy, somewhere in my brain I am back at Kroger and there’s at least one smiling, cookie-eating kid sitting underneath my grocery cart. I think that memory is really what makes it taste the best!

  21. Favorite cookies: hearty chocolate chip oat nut cookies, swedish gingerbread cookies (forgot how to spell the word), the cookies from your birthday party at the zoo in 2008, melting moments which I will have to make for you someday, you made and brought to the McNally wedding...
    I love how your joy and delight in deliciousness gets to be shared with the world through your blog. I don't think I've made anything from it yet, but every time I read it, the kitchen calls my name incessantly!!!
    SEND COOKIES TO MN!!! (please :)