Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fresh Peach Cake

I'm getting married in less than 2 months.  2 months.  Oy.

So much is going on that I am pretty sure I cannot tell the difference between left and right.  If you tell me to jump I won't ask "how high?", instead I will probably just go to bed.

Besides getting married I am also planning some big events in the next 3 months at work:

Charity Golf Tournament
Charity Lunch Fundraiser
Company Halloween Party
Company Christmas Party

On top of that, most of our marriage prep is happening in the next 2 months!  There was some confusion with getting a sponsor couple when we first got engaged, and now we are making up for lost time...which means...pretty much every single day up until we get married is booked solid.  Most days I feel like I will drown if I miss a beat and don't stay on task.  It really is overwhelming and daunting!

We were really looking forward to enjoying our engagement, really we were.  I pictured I would be this beaming person who couldn't stop smiling from my abundant happiness that was over flowing in my heart.  We would go on lots of dates and talk about how excited we were to get married and start our lives together.  We would both exercise like crazy every day so we would be in the best shape of our lives on our wedding day.  Lies.  All lies.

Instead, our engagement has been an endless slew of meeting after meeting, trip after trip, obligation after obligation, wedding planning and then more wedding planning.  Date night?  Um, what's that?  Ug.  And...I would be remiss if I failed to share with you that I still don't have a bartender lined up, invitations will be mailed out 2 weeks later than they should be, my dress is tight on me and I decided I don't like it, I don't have linens, I don't have flowers, I don't have dessert lined up...oh, and there may or may not be a party after our wedding...hell may freeze over - even here in Texas this is a real possibility.
photo by our awesome photographer Asia over at photobyjoy.com
I tell you these things, not to complain but to tell you I am grateful for the chaos.  I am grateful that I get to Marry the man God hand picked for me that will make the most amazing husband I could ever hope for.  I am grateful.  Even though things are crazy busy, and not what we expected, and at any moment I am sure I will get a call that our venue has been crushed by a semi truck...still...I am wicked excited to be getting married to this awesome Man of mine and have peace in my heart!  I keep waiting for someone to pinch me and tell me this is all just a dream, how could such a wonderful person want to marry little old me?  Sometimes things just don't make sense.

Like this cake.  Why on earth did I make this cake when I have so many other things I should be doing?

I have been taking a baking hiatus in an attempt to fit into my wedding dress from Hell...but then I got sick.  Knife in throat sore throat, feverish, you know how it goes.  So in the midst of being sick I decided to do the most sensible thing I could think of - I made this cake.  I am confident I made the right decision.

It was so yummy - perfect way to use up the peaches that were just a little over ripe.  I used yogurt instead of sour cream - either will do.  Also, I think it needed more peaches, so next time I would use 4-5 peaches instead of the 3.  Ina for the win again.  Trust her, she will not lead you astray.


Also, if you can - can you keep me and my fiance in your prayers as we approach the altar - we sure do need them!