Saturday, September 25, 2010

Overnight Cinnamon Rolls of Paper.

You can't be afraid to cook. You might think a recipe looks too complicated or too advanced for you to try...but it isn't! Just try it! Trust yourself and your instincts and just cook! I have to admit that the most intimidating thing to me has always been bread. So scary, so time consuming. The more and more I try out new bread recipes the more and more confident and easy making bread becomes. Thanks to all the great "no knead" recipes out there bread really has become so much more accessible to the home cook. I recently purchased a no knead cookbook called, "Artisan bread in five minutes a day" by Hertzberg and Francois. I have tried 2 recipes from the book so far and have been extremely pleased with the simplicity and success of each loaf. So, if you are new to bread I suggest you pick this book up.

On that note I am going to give you this super cinnamon roll recipe from Sir Alton Brown. The next time you have overnight guests you should wow them with these yummy rolls when they wake up in the morning. They are so good your guests may never if you don't particularly like your house guests maybe you shouldn't make them. The great thing about this recipe is that they can be made ahead, and baked to order : ) I mean come on, what could be better then a fresh hot cinnamon roll straight from the oven with cream cheese icing melting all over the place....really, what is better then that?

The recipe can be found by following the link the video first it will make everything seem so much easier then it looks.

After eating too many of these delish rolls it finally dawned on me why they are called..."ROLLS"


  1. These look so good!I wish I liked to cook. My husband is the cook in our home.I just wast to stop in and say thank you for joining my blog.