Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mira Joy

Death is a funny thing.  I have seen it tear families apart, and I have seen it bring families together.  There is a great amount of sadness that comes with death, but also a great amount of joy knowing that person is in the arms of our loving Father.  Death is such a contradiction, a constant human struggle, an inevitable thing we all will have to face some day.

I was hoping to write this post under happier circumstances, but God had other plans.  My older sister went into labor this past week, and as we got the news it was go time I started to make this banana bread...guess it was my way of nesting with her. : )  She had an overall healthy pregnancy, and took such caution and care as she carried her precious child.  There were no signs of complications, and no reasons to be worried.  We anxiously awaited the good news from Massachusetts here in Texas, and stayed up late waiting by the phone.  For still unknown reasons our beautiful little angel only lived for a few minutes.

Mira Joy was a beautiful little girl with dark hair, a sweet face, and tiny lips.  Perfect in every way.  She had a serene look of peace about her, and looked far more mature then a newborn.  She had a beauty and a grace to her, that is not common in newborns.  It breaks our hearts, and aches our souls to not have our little Mira with us.  She was a daughter, a grand daughter, a great grand daughter, a niece, a and a cousin that we will forever hold in our hearts.

It feels wrong to post a recipe after writing a post like this.  However, I found this recipe on the Joy the baker blog, and I thought it was ironic and apropos that I was making this bread from Joy as Mira Joy was entering and leaving this world.

Rest in heavenly peace little love!


  1. Dagny, you've always had a way with words, and that was a beautiful post. My heart is aching for you all, and I know it can be hard to "resume" daily life after such a traumatic event. THANK you for your constant joy, your constant faith, and for continuing to inspire and give joy to others through your blog. I love you and if you ever need or want to chat....just call. <3

  2. I find my self more emotional and less wordy. I am so sorry for your loss and your sisters loss. As a mother, I simply can not imagine the pain, but my heart aches for her.

    You are in my prayers.

    Interestingly, my 'word verification' is nested... Isn't that a coincidence?

  3. A year ago Monday, the exact same thing happened to some very dear friends of mine. Their daughter, Mary Catherine, is now in heaven and we pray for her intercession . . . but I also still pray for healing for her parents (now expecting their second child) and, now, for your sister and family. Peace!

  4. Donkey - you are the best, thank you for your kind words. : ) And thank you all for the prayers.