Thursday, September 29, 2011

Winner of the Espresso Shortbread Cookies!!!!

Okay, I guess I should get around to declaring a winner of my last contest.  I would have posted the winner earlier in the week, but once again I had to go out of town unexpectedly.  So far the Fall is proving to be a trying time for my family, and not so great things just keep happening.  Hopefully October will be kinder to us then August and September were.

1) Thank you for your feedback on your coffee drinking habits.  Very helpful, and appreciated.

2)  I was going to respond to your comments as they came in, but again, I was away from my computer for most of the week.  Since you all took the time to answer my questions, I would like to respond to your comments.  Bear with me...and skip down to see the winner if you don't want to read all this.

Patty: Bialetti stove top espresso maker...I think I need to check that one out.I agree, coffee is comforting : )

Ntdolphin: I wish I liked decaf coffee, maybe one day I will convert. : )

Brigid: What a funny name...just kidding : )  At least your name isn't "Dagny in the garden".  Iced chai tea latte, I think I need to try that one out...sounds delish

Wilde in the Kitchen:  Sorry to hear you don't like coffee, you are missing out : )  It is fabulous.  I come from a large family and 1/2 of them don't like coffee, so you are not alone in your dislike

Aldebaran:  Yes, I have been to Caribou Coffee, can't remember if I liked it or not.

Miriel:  Pretty sure Grad students would die without their coffee fixes.  Extra shot would kill me if I tried it!

Jens:  Thank you!  Ironically most of my cookie recipes are in the metric system, I just convert them over because most American cooks are foreign to that idea.  Maybe one day we will switch over, dreams do come true don't they?  : )

Hilary:  School got me hooked on heavy cream as well, darn school and all those extra calories and fat we "had" to consume in order to graduate

Laura:  "Dirt Cowboy Cafe" and not in Texas, are you sure about that : )

Branwen:  I am with you on the Mochas...we should be friends, pretty sure we would get along since we drink coffee the same way. : )

Salome Ellen:  Great minds think alike, must run in your family : )

Torie:  Strong coffee is good, you would like Southern is wicked strong!

Maggie:  Iced coffee is the best when I can't afford a Mocha!!

Paisley's Pixels:  French Press is such a stylish way to make coffee!

Charissa:  Sugar in the raw is what I use too, I like the crunchy sugar in my iced coffees.

Ann:  Umm, "Fat B" coffee maker...totally don't remember, my memory is already failing me : )  One day I will have to visit your home town and drink some hard core coffee!

Mimi:  Lazy as usual : )

Marie:  So glad you like coffee, really I hold you responsible for getting me hooked on it.  Mocha is a way of life for you : )

Wannabeacook:  Thanks, so glad you like my blog!

Kdawg:  Predictable, really it is true. 

 WINNER IS:  Miriel!!!!!  Please contact me at to claim your free Epresso Shortbread cookies!

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  1. Oh my gosh!!! I am so excited!! I never win things!! This has totally made my day :-D I'll email you ASAP. Thank you!!!