Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy Anniversary to Whisked Away and FREE Valentine Cookies!

A cupcake I did not make, but it was the only birthdayish picture I had : )

This month marks the 2 year anniversary of my blog! Has it really already been 2 years? Time sure does fly when you are cooking and then spending all that time working off all the calories you had to endure for the sake of the cause. I think all my readers should chip in and buy me a personal trainer, and my whole family for that matter. I really don't know how my Mother managed to loose 25 pounds over the last year with all of my food experiments lying around the kitchen. Will power, sheer will power.

I have often wanted to quit this blog. Just be rid of it and never write again. Things get busy, life overwhelms and the unnecessary things are the first to go, just like my gym membership and Starbucks know how it is. You also know what they say, "The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking places." Then I remember that I love to write, I love food, and I keep going. I love that this blog challenges me to test more recipes and ideas then I did before. I love that people email me and facebook me telling me they tried recipes from here and loved them! I love that I see or hear from random relatives, friends, friends of friends, and strangers that they enjoy my blog. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE KIND WORDS! You really are what keeps me dedicated to this venture. So thank you and please keep reading!

Since my last give away went so well I decided it is time for another one! This time I am giving away 1 dozen of my traditional Conversation Heart Cookies!

This giveaway is just in time for the launch of my new Etsy store, so I thought it was an ideal giveaway! If you win you can choose to either have the cookies sent to you, or to someone you love.

So here is how it is going to work:

1) Respond to this post via the comments telling me your favorite couple and why...after all February is the month of love, so lets honor a couple that is a great example to us all of real love.
Plus, I loved hearing all your answers and stories to my last contest!

2) After 1 week I will put all your names into a secret highly secure undisclosed location and then send a baby in to pick a name.

3) I will send you, or someone you love 1 dozen Conversation Heart Valentine Cookies in a nice little gift box.

Contest ends 2/06/10, one entry per a person.


  1. This may sound corny, but the couple that first comes to mind is my husband and me. I love him so much! And his birthday is on Valentine's Day--that should count for something :) We have been married for 16 years and together for 19. I love that he's been in my life for more years than I lived before him. He's definitely my best friend and an inspiration to me. And he loooooves cookies ;)

  2. Sue & Ray are 2 of the coolest people ever - put them together & you have a dynamite couple! They are in their early 80's and work tirelessly to build community and encourage sustainability. Sue just threw an awesome fiber event in Southern NH & Ray is writing a book. We need more people with their energy & enthusiasm to make the world a better place.

  3. The couple I have in mind are my parents. They met as teenagers, and my dad set his sights on my mom from the first. My father joined the Marines at age 17, to fight in WWII. When he returned, they were married. They were happily married for 33 years. My father passed away unexpectedly at the age of 53. They were a great example of love, and my mom and dad spent many years together, dancing and laughing and being in love.It was obvious for anyone to see. To the credit of their loving marriage, my mom has never remarried. My dad was her true love. I hope my marriage to my hunny of 34+ years is also such a wonderful example to my children. We too are in love after all these years. I am grateful for my parents example of a beautiful and long lasting union.

  4. Congratulations on your blogoversary! I am certainly glad you didn't quit!

  5. Wow.....2 whole years! I cannot believe it's been that long either! Time flies when there are baked goods to be had. =)

    My favorite couple has to be my parents. They were 16.5 years apart in age, and total opposites in everything else. And yet they were completely dedicated to each other even up to this day, with my dad passing away 5 years ago, around St. Valentine's day.

  6. Happy blogoversiary!! We are so glad you didn't quit!

  7. Wow congrats on your 2-year anniversary!! My favorite couple is definitely my parents... corny I know, but my parents have been married for almost 35 years and they're still madly in love.

  8. I want cookies!!! My favorite couple... can it be me and my phone?!? I charge it, and protect it, and it gives me great entertainment, and keeps me connected to the things I love! orrr....can it be Dwight and Jim from the office? technically, they are a couple o' guys! :)
    Congrats on the refurbished blog, and the Etsy store! Can't wait to visit your storefront in houston (or DC, or wherever!) and then vacation with you at your oceanside mansion! Keep up all the delicious work!

  9. Congrats on completing 2 years! I am going to celebrate My Blog's 1 months old birthday tomorrow:P , yeah a complete new blogger in this addictive world.
    So fav couple huh.. well i have so many in my mind, My Parents, My friend and her husband(Jhumi and Vishal), my uncle and Aunty.. seriously too many to list.. but my fav is Hubby and I :) We have been together for 4 and a half year, and this Feb we will complete one year of Mr and Mrs ;)
    Love your blog .. following now:)

  10. Congratulations on two years of blogging! I have greatly enjoyed reading! :)
    My favorite couple is probably my grandparents -- they have been married for 60 years now. My grandmother was best friends with my grandfather's younger sister, and when he left for WWII she was just a kid. But when he got back, she had grown up considerably, and they ended up married! (And then Grandpa's sister ended up marrying Grandma's brother!)

  11. Happy Blogoversary!! I think my favorite couple if Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. They seem like a real couple that are truly dedicated to each other. Definitely a real and lasting love there!!

  12. Love the comments and stories! Keep them coming!

    Nancy-not corny at all : ) Tell Dr.D I said Happy Birthday!
    KO-old couples are the best!
    Aunt Cheryl-love the story!You and Uncle Paul are a great couple!
    Chef Dennis,Kim, Tiffany-Thanks!!!
    Monica-Your Dad was awesome,now I know where you got your awesomeness from : )
    Happy when not hungry-love the name! Awesome that your parents have such a great marriage!
    Brigid-cell phone, really : ) Dwight and Jim are pretty sweet...but nice try...
    KanKana-Congrats on your blog, and congrats to you and your husband!!
    Lavendar-thanks for reading!!! Insane story! Congrats to your grandparents, that is inspiring.
    Brandie-I just realized Paul Newman died in 2008...where have I been?

  13. Hmm favorite couple is a hard one. Can it be a couple of things because milk and cookies is a pretty good couple or baked potato and sour cream or coffee and donuts. Anyway happy blog anniversary!

  14. I read this ages ago and am only now commenting because I needed a few days to "mull over it". I mean, it's a lot of pressure to choose you're favorite couple. STRESS! Like, do you pick your parents? You're favorite married friends? You're favorite dating friends? You're favorite friends who you 'think' should be a couple? You're favorite TV couple (Jim and Pam from the Office, of course)? You're favorite celebrity couple? The options are endless. STRESS!

    Well, after much debate and thought I had an epiphany and now know undebatably who my favorite couple is.
    Mary and Joseph! I mean, how can you get any better than that?!?!?! I am ashamed that it took me so long to figure it out, but now I know.
    Thanks for helping me discern who my favorite couple of all time is, Dagny! I'm really loving your blog! Keep it up, girl!

  15. Hmmm... such a tough question.... it would seem disloyal to say anyone other than me and my husband, so I say US! Valentine's day was our first date. He asked me out two days before valentine's day. I said "Maybe" and didn't give him a straight answer until that day. :)

  16. Hey Dagny! Ok, I'd love to say the fav 2 are Matt and I, but we're not even close. ;) Gladys and Dwayne Johns, my great-grandparents. First of all, they were married over well over 60 years (great-grandfather died a few years ago, but granny J is 91 and still running around Indiana).

    Here is their story. Dwayne knew of Gladys through a mutual pal, Shorty Yoder. Shorty told Dwayne he'd love to go on a double date with Dwayne. So Shorty took Gladys, and Dwayne took some other girl. Throughout the date, Dwayne had so much fun with Gladys, that he drove his date home, then he drove Shorty Yoder home, leaving Gladys all to himself! They were also the first couple in their church to kiss at their wedding AND the first couple to sit together (as men and women used to sit on opposite sides of the church.) The two of them were the sweetest, funniest, godliest couple I have ever known!

  17. Dagny,
    Congrats!! So glad you hung in are an inspiration to me and I hope the new esty store does well!!!! All good things are worth waiting for!
    As far as my favorite wise....espresso and chocolate.....couple wise.....I love old sweet couples that still hold hands and look at each other like it was the first time they realized they wwere in love. I have to say that while I admire many couples, my favorite couple is my hubby and me!!!! I can't imagine having gone through the things we have together and not making it through, although I can see that if we were married to other people that we might not have made it. He holds me up in the hard times, and I him....He loves me through all times and I him...He cherishes me and makes me feel like the only one in the world...he is my world. I love the the world you may be one person, but to one person you are the world. So true of amazing couples everywhere!!!!! We have had our moments, but that good ones always over ride the bad ones. The hard times have shown us the beauty in our love and that is will continue to blossom and grow, so that someday we are that old couple, holding hands and staring into one anothers eyes!!
    Happy blogaversary!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Happy Anniversary Dagny & Whisked Away! My favorite couple has to be my mom and dad, both now deceased. Mom was the shy, quiet one and Dad was the kind of guy who lit up a room. She always said he completed her. When he had his stroke she took care of him for eight years until he passed away at 65. After she died three years ago, we came across a whole slew of letter and cards they sent each other in their early married years - so sweet!

  19. Blessed Louis and Zelie Martin, of course!

    I would put down my hubby and I, like everyone else above, but as cute as we are, we're still growing in greatness. So, I put some saintly parents of saints down instead. :)

    Pick me, pick me! The conversation cookies are my favorites of your Valentine cookies on your Etsy. :)

  20. The couple from The Notebook comes to my mind, as they lived, loved, and breathed in unison with their other, dying in each other's arms in the nursing home at the end, in a most tragico-beautiful scene!

  21. The couple from The Notebook comes to my mind, as they lived, loved, and breathed in unison with their other, dying in each other's arms in the nursing home at the end, in a most tragico-beautiful scene!

  22. The couple from The Notebook comes to my mind, as they lived, loved, and breathed in unison with their other, dying in each other's arms in the nursing home at the end, in a most tragico-beautiful scene!

  23. The couple from The Notebook comes to my mind, as they lived, loved, and breathed in unison with their other, dying in each other's arms in the nursing home at the end, in a most tragico-beautiful scene!

  24. Dagny---
    love your blog!!
    favorite couple would have to be my little sister and her husband!! they are amazing. they lost a baby this year and have been an incredible example of what life on this earth is all about!! they are a constant, incredible example of faith and holiness. <3 they deserve lots of cookies ;)

  25. Are we talking peanutbutter and jelly, or Romeo and Juliet or maybe Popeye and Olive Oil? Or the all time favorite cuff and link? Choices, choices! Today my favorite couple is Ange and Frank. They just had bambino number 14(which says a lot); and they both have incredible faith in their Creator and in each other(alleluia);and they have a sense of humor(u have to with 14 kids). Actually, they both think they are funny but they aren't and thats whats so funny! Happy St. Valentines Day one and all! Happy blogaversary! I love your blog sweeetie!