Saturday, June 19, 2010

A wedding and a Cookie Buffet

Success! My sister finally got hitched to the man of her dreams! The wedding was insane, crazy, and wonderful. I was so busy running around trying to be a hostess greeting all the friends and family that I think I missed most of the events of the evening. Overall it seemed as if everyone had a good time, lots of dancing, eating, and drinking. My little sister did a great job planning everything. She looked absolutely stunning, and was beyond happy tho marry her best friend.

My gift to the happy couple was a cookie buffet at the reception. Judging from the line and all the empty platters I think people liked it. I made all the doughs during the weeks leading up to the wedding and then baked them all off days before the wedding. We actually hired a few people to do the baking for us which was a huge help and they did a great job! Plus it cut down on my stress levels leading up to the big day.

It was so great celebrating the love of my sister and her husband with so many family and friends present. We had a good time planning everything and can't wait until someone else in my family gets married...which judging from the love status of us all it will probably be a while. : )

Cookie Buffet Menu:

Chocolate Hazelnut biscotti
Almond biscotti
Currant Shortbread
Heaven bars
German Chocolate cookies
Oatmeal raisin cookies
Kitchen Sink cookies
Ginger spice
Chocolate chews
Mexican Wedding (provided by the Grandma of the Groom)

We hosted a brunch the morning after the wedding for out of town family and friends and a lot of people requested my cinnamon scone, I plan on posting that soon.


  1. JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!Couldn't have done it without you Dagny! Your cookie buffet was a big hit - and I never got one cookie. Go figure! My favs are the choc chewy cookie, or maybe the heaven bars. They are all heavenly!

  2. Hi Dagny! If you share recipes, I'd love the Almond Biscotti one, and if you have an Anise Biscotti recipe, too, I'd be happy to see it as well. My sons' school is having a bake sale, and although I don't really bake much, I volunteered and have a serious craving for biscotti. Thanks so much, and I'm so happy to see how your business is thriving. Great job!