Monday, March 26, 2012

Cakes, White walls, curbs, and October Baby

Do you know how some people claim to have selective hearing?  Well in the same way I swear I have selective seeing.  My eye doctor says it isn't so, and my eyes are just fine.  Why then do I not see certain things until I have hit them?

Walls...they pop up out of nowhere, really they do.  People at my work must think I am insane because I frequently run into the white walls at work.  For some reason I walk really close to the walls and then forget they are there and just slam into them.  I imagine to the outside world I must look like some feminized version of Napoleon Dynamite.

Curbs.  Curse those curbs.  I hit curbs in parking lots all the time!  I do not see them!  My depth perception is so off when it comes to parking lots.  My poor Nissan which is about to retire has hit so many curbs in so many States that it is shocking it still runs! I remember when I first got that car about 7 years ago I was running an errand and failed to see the giant cement block at the top of the parking space.  I decided it would be easier to drive forward into the empty parking space instead of backing out so I did...right over the giant cement log!  All of a sudden my car was elevated and teetering on the cement chunk of evil...I panicked and sat there then decided the only way off was to put the pedal to the metal and floor it : )  It worked, and I survived, and so did my car. 

Speaking about survival...go see OCTOBER BABY!  A very powerful movie, with a great message!  The acting was not superb, but the importance of the story line made up for that.  It is refreshing to see more movies being made with positive, Christian, healing, and forgiveness elements in them.  It is time we start holding ourselves and each other to a higher standard of loving each other and every life God places in our paths.  Plus, the music was amazing!  Check out this song...just one example of the good music

Every life is indeed beautiful, and one day hopefully all people will realize that.  Go see this movie and help support a good cause!!!

Any who, I have had a few friends inquire about the method of cake making and here is a nice little tutorial America's test kitchen made.  Thought some of my readers might enjoy it!


  1. Oh, girl, curbs and I used to have such an incredible hate/hate relationship. I can relate! Luckily, I haven't hit one in quite a while... maybe it was just my last vehicle and not really ME. :P (Now that I've commented on it though, you just know that I'll hit one tomorrow.)

  2. I'm not good around curbs either !! I always hit the curb turning into my driveway and back over it going out.