Monday, July 18, 2011

Finally a Winner is Named!

Hello my long lost readers. You may think I went into hibernation mode, but really I just went on vacation for 3 1/2 weeks. The last few weeks went something like this...

Houston->Lafayette, Louisiana ->Hilton Head, South Carolina ->Savannah -> Jacksonville, FL -> Boston, MA -> Manchester, NH -> Newburyport, MA -> NYC -> HOME.

So many things happened, and so much food was consumed! If I filled you in on every detail of my trip you would be bored out of your mind. To spare you from over sharing here are the top 15 moments of my trip:

1. Seeing my older sister uber prego...first sister to have a was also very satisfying to see that she is only 5 pounds away from my weight, and with a month to go I have high hopes that my skinny sister will finally be fatter then me...praise God for answered prayers : )

2. Cousin wedding, outdoor reception with beautiful weather and insane dance moves, reuniting with all my wonderful cousins, aunts, and uncles! Big families are the best!

3. Tennis on Hilton Head with the sibs and friends, good times, oh how I missed the courts! Who needs to keep score, everyone is a winner when no one is good : )

4. Finally going to a Cirque Du Soleil show! Zarkana was awesome! Finding really great seats for good price makes it even better! I think I am going to change my career path again to acrobat extraordinaire.

5. Lugging my massive suitcase and my Mom's massive suitcase throughout Boston and NYC...made me feel strong and young, but then weak and old the next day.

6. Running into Meg Ryan in a hotel bathroom...strange moment, confusion, trying to remember what my favorite movie was with her in it...mind blank...sarcastic comment, foot in mouth, smile and walk away, act cool Meeting Danny Meyer, famous restaurateur...eating at one of his restaurants

7. Going to the farm where my sister and brother in law get their food, awesome, eating that food for dinner, even better.

8. Coconut Coffee Cacao smoothies from Sip in Newburyport, be still my beating heart...I am already counting the hours until I can have another one : )

9. Cookies from Levain, NYC trips wouldn't be complete without them...PS. Dear Lord, my birthday is in a week, please make Levain cookies part of my day : )

10. Fresh Peach smoothies with frozen Greek yogurt from Delisheee Yo on Hilton refreshing after a long day bike riding in the sun!

11. Gelato with the little sisters and brother in Law...never realized how loudly we all talk when together!

12. Renting bikes to ride through Central Park...deciding we want to leave central Park...riding on the streets of NYC on bikes while carrying precious box of Levain cookies...bad idea, never again...I choose life, always.

13. Thinking our cab to the airport would cost $40...getting there and realizing it cost $90...haha, goodbye scammers of NYC!

14. Getting to our hotel in NYC, couldn't get in the room the bed was too big...running around looking at other rooms for an hour...finally deciding to just stay with the sister and bro in law.

15. Getting home exhausted, brushed my teeth with hair gel on accident, found a roach in my room, welcome home.

Keeping in line with the 15 just so happens that decided that the 15th

comment would be the winner of the Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a day give away! So congrats to comment 15, Lilly Bermudez! Contact me at to claim your prize!

Thanks to everyone for participating, and stay tuned for another give away in the future!


  1. "my skinny sister will finally be fatter then me...praise God for answered prayers"

    ha ha ha ha. I almost spit my water. I loved seeing my teeny little sister pregnant with twins last year. Of course, since I was pregnant along with her, I was still the bigger sister. Go figure!

  2. Glad you can relate : ) I am one of 4 girls, and have always been the "bigger" one : ) So, it is comforting to see one of them surpass me finally : )