Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Chubby Hubby From Fig Tree Cafe

Growing up my older sister and I had clear roles in the family. For decorating, fashion, or sewing advice you would speak to her. For cooking or cleaning you would speak to me. I always felt as if she was the Mary, and I was the Martha. Ironically Martha is the bitter questioning one who works too much and doesn't take time to enjoy the little things...Mary is the one who appreciates the finer things and loves spending one on one quality time with people. Kind of just worked out that way for us. Now the real question is who are the Cain and Able of the family... but I will leave that for another day...or maybe I won't...things didn't really work out all too well for them. : )

After my New York visit to little sister, I hopped on a bus and headed to Newburyport, MA to visit the eldest sister of our clan and her hospitable husband. After a long bus ride all I wanted was hot food and a warm bed...and that is exactly what I got! My older sister never could cook when we were younger. I remember writing down instructions for her on how to make spaghetti for dinner...boil the water for the noodles and simmer the sauce on medium low. Lord knows how, but we came home to a dinner of crunchy noodles that had been cooked on low topped with crunchy burnt red sauce. I do believe that was the last time she ever made dinner in our home. Somewhere along the line after she had grown up and moved out of the house she learned how to cook. I was shocked to see her cooking in a kitchen! Never thought I would see the day! Lucky for her she married an excellent cook and has a lifetime of good meals to look forward to with him. My older sister made really good oatmeal one morning that she topped with ground up almonds, unsweetened coconut, and really good local honey...so yum!

Coconut Cupcake from Fig Tree Cafe

One of the days I was there we ventured North to a farmer's market inside a green house. We snacked on yummy food from all the vendors and enjoyed a very satisfying lunch. We got a Falafel wrap and a breakfast burrito from the nice folks at White Heron Tea Company. They have some pretty sweet teas that are really nice and different. Then we bought a bunch of things from the Fig Tree Cafe, which is located in Rollinsford, NH. We got a meatloaf sandwich which was off the hook good, a pretty little coconut cupcake, a Chubby Hubby chocolate chewy cookie with peanuts in it, a Southwest Quinoa salad, and a nice little shortbread. All very bueno!!

Southwest Quinoa Salad

We also ate dinner late one night at Loretta's in Newburyport. It was really late and we were hoping we would be able to find a place still open. Thank goodness their light was on. They were about to close but they graciously stayed open for us. We shared a scrumptious grass fed beef burger with home cut fries, winter rolls, and chips and guacamole. All very satisfying. The next morning we woke up and headed to breakfast at Stella's.

Delicious Breakfast Sandwich

We visited the local Newburyport farmer's market and feasted on a yummy breakfast sandwich from Mary who is about to open Enzo's in Newburyport. The sandwich was scrambled eggs with cheese on nice crusty Stecco bread. Can't wait for her place to open up. Another morning I slept in and woke up to a fresh local sausage, fresh eggs, and Abraham bagel sandwich my brother in law made...Best thing ever. Good job brother in law. My sister also made a nice fresh grapefruit juice with their fancy new juicer. We finished off the trip with a light lunch from the Purple Onion. I got a nice hearty chili with lots of toppings, very very good. My sister got an eggplant chili that looked equally as delicious; and the brother in law got a grilled veggie sandwich and a sweet and sour tomato soup. I really liked the affordable prices and taste of all the food, and look forward to eating there again one day.

Hot Chili from the Purple Onion

My last night for dinner we feasted on cheese, pasta, and veggies. My sister recommended Midnight Moon Goat cheese, and Piave Vecchio. Both incredible cheeses!

Overall Newburyport is a quaint little port town with lots of charm, and lots of good food. I understand why my sister loves living there so much. There are more good places to eat in a 3 mile radius there then there are in a 300 mile radius here. Good thing I don't live there, my wallet would be smaller, and my belly bigger. Goodbye Newburyport, until we meet again.I heart New England Apple Cider


  1. We are glad to have you visit! We got rid of our couch, but kept the guest bed, so you'd have some place to sleep when you visit! Won't be back until July?

    That apple cider didn't explode on the pavement! Yeah!

    The homemade breakfast sandwich was my favorite of that lineup! I think the sausage was Brookford Farms - their products are divine! Their yogurt, with homemade granola....so good!

    ....I need to go eat...

  2. Ha, you remembered my sad apple cider story : ( Darn you Laura D : ) I want that breakfast sandwich every morning for breakfast...so delicious! How could you possibly eat anymore food?

  3. I can't eat enough during the day, so I wake up around 4 in the morning & eat more....!!! My little bit is over 1/2 a pound now and is always hungry!

    I would rotate breakfast sandwich, with yogurt/granola, and this new pancake recipe I found.