Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Do not eat this post.

made out of newspaper!
super cute...they can be magnets too!
love it. I want a branch for every season!
I interrupt your regularly scheduled food post to bring you crafts. When I am trying to cut back on the baking I turn to my second drug of choice...crafts. There are so many fun craft blog out there, just start googling and before you know it the day will be 1/2 way done. Here is my newest find, and I predict many a hour spent making some of her lovely ideas!


  1. Lloyd & Madaline SchraftNovember 12, 2010 at 1:18 PM

    I love cookies, especially those vegetarian Oreos. Can you please post some recipes using that special Columbian grown veggies? Please!

    P.S. Any good concoctions for marinating road kill - specially cat?

  2. I have a serious issue with this contest, as I have many kinds of cookies that I love!!! Oh how do I pick one??????? I love crunchy ones and soft ones, big ones and small ones, ones with chocolate, ones with oatmeal, thin ones, fruity ones, dipped ones, creative ones, melt in your mouth ones, nuts, buttery, sweet, plain, sugar dusted, peanut butter ones......ohhhh the list goes on!!! I also have to say I have tried several of yours and they are amazing! Anywho that is my favorite kind of a cookie! ( and I might add, I think I have some serious issues.........)