Friday, August 21, 2009

How to get the most juice from citrus without a special machine or tool...

First of all, I would like to just say that citrus is not something I use a lot of. In fact, as a general rule I avoid it. If someone brings me a glass of water with a lemon in it I quickly fish it out before it can contaminate my water too much. When life gives you lemons most people make lemonade, I usually put them on the counter and wait for them to rot and then throw them away...put that on a bumper sticker! : ) I don't like to use it in things I bake, but I do use it in my marinades and salad dressings from time to time.

Last semester while we were making lime curd we were instructed in the ways of "properly" juicing citrus.

1. Citrus always juices better when it is warm or at room temperature. It is hard to juice citrus straight from the fridge, or even freezer : ) Not that any of you put your citrus in the freezer.

2. People like massages and so do citrus. By rubbing it against the counter you are releasing some of the tension and knots that have built up in the fruit - yes, it is stressful to be a citrus -you try living your life on a tree, then maybe lying helpless on the ground, and all you have to look forward to is ending your life by being squeezed and cut. Poor little guys.

3. Cut your citrus into 3 slices. Most people have been trained to cut the citrus in half and then scoop and squeeze the heck out of it. By cutting it into 3 pieces it makes it easier to reach all those hard to get to places.

4. Squeeze each slice until it is dehydrated. Yippee! Your citrus is now juiced, please pass go and collect $200.00.

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  1. Really? You don't use citrus in baking or cooking much? I find that hard to believe, because it livens up so many different flavours. it makes everything bright and happy and delicious.

    anyway, thanks for the tips. that 3 part thing is interesting. Also, I never EVER refridgerate my citrus. They last longer and stay fresher, interestingly enough.