Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Survived the road trip and a guest post about homemade Tomato sauce!

Dear Readers, Friends, and Countrymen -

I have lots of pending posts coming up with some new fabulous recipes...so stay tuned!  After my last post about road trip snacks I assume it was fairly obvious that I went on a road trip and have now returned.

The last day and a half has been a whirlwind of insanity, and I am pretty sure I am going to go ahead and swear to never take a road trip again!  In a quick summary of events this is what went down:

1)  Drove 20 hours in a car with 5 people, including one little girl with extremely smelly feet

2)  Listened to The Hunger Games book on tape...if I hear "she said"..."he responded"..."she asked" one more time I think I am going to enter the Hunger Games myself and show them whats what.

3)  Ate Greek Food in a convent with nuns and the family of my sister's boyfriend...and they were on high alert for a bobcat on the loose...who knew there were bobcats in Alabama.  P.S. I changed my mind about Alabama - it really is quite lovely!

4)  Had to search far and wide for an emergency tarp for the truck bed because it started raining.  Asked a lady at the grocery store if they had tarps, she asked what a tarp was...really.  One hour later tarp was acquired, hit the road.  It stopped raining.  Go figure.  P.S .  Alabama has a thing against tarps, they don't sell them.

5)  Stopped to get gas in Louisiana, saw a mini van full of Buddhist Monk kids with shaved heads and orange togas walk around the gas station...wasn't sure if they were meditating or planning a robbery...we booked it out of there just in case.

6)  Arrived home at 7:00am, napped for an hour. Then decided to go to work in a complete state of deliriousness...yes, everything I say sounds funny to me, and my sister is sitting next to me giggling as if she ate a plate of special brownies...don't get high, just go on road trips.

7)  Decided to start our "detox from vacation junk food" by making a smoothie...it tasted like soap...so we fed it to the sink instead.

8)  To top it all off we ordered bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwiches from Panera...got to work and realized they forgot to put the eggs in them...so we had a bacon and cheese sandwich...great, just great...knew I should have stayed in bed.

9)  As an added bonus they decided to paint today inside the office, so now our state of insanity has hit an all time high.

10)  Ate a bag of leftover yogurt covered pretzels for lunch...yes, this is what the day after a vacation should feel like.

photo from Kirsten O'Leary

Oh, and the main point of this post is to let you all know that this week I have a guest post and recipe for simple tomato sauce up at my friend Maggie's blog: Ten Thousand Places.  Maggie has been blogging for more years than me, and blogs about everything wonderful under the sun from Literature, fashion, movies, poetry, food, and faith.  She also makes delicious jam and you can buy it from her shop Jams by Mags.  If you are returning from Vacation like me, and really don't want to be home I highly recommend buying some of her jam to cheer you up!

Thanks for letting me do a guest post Maggie, and welcome to any of her readers!

Eat your heart out and don't road trip,  : )


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