Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wild rice a la risotto

I am constantly in search of a good side dish to accompany my main entrees. What will go with roast chicken, roast roast, grilled shrimp, or turkey? Plain old potatoes or plain old rice just never did cut it. I decided to try something new and make wild rice using the traditional risotto method. Most people think that risotto is an Italian dish made with Arborio rice...however risotto is actually a method, that is traditionally made with shorter grained rice like Arborio. Interesting. Anyways, for Mother's day we boiled some awesome shrimp and paired it with a crisp salad and my new favorite...wild rice a la risotto!

Wild Rice A La Risotto:
Recipe by moi.

Olive oil
4 slices of bacon (optional...but makes it oh so much better...I did it without and it was still yummy)
1 medium-large onion - diced small
2 cloves minced garlic
3 cups wild rice
1/2 white wine
6 cups good quality chicken broth
salt and pepper = sap

Heat chicken broth in sauce pan on low heat. Meanwhile - Coat bottom of deep skillet with olive oil. Fry bacon slices until crisp. Remove bacon from pan and chop into bits. Add diced onion to pan and saute until nice carmelization is achieved. Add garlic and constantly stir 1 minute - be careful not to burn the garlic...it will taste bitter if you do. Add rice to pan and toast over medium=high heat for 2 minutes. Pour wine over rice and deglaze (scrape bits off bottom of pan) for 30 seconds. Slowly add a ladle of warmed chicken broth at a time to skillet of rice - stir constantly until liquid is absorbed, and then add another ladle. Continue this process while constantly stirring until rice is tender. Return bacon bits to pan. Season with salt and pepper. Enjoy! It is so good!!!


  1. that looks so good. did you use two types of rice? The only method I know of rice cooking is rissotto, but it is often so heavy. this looks light and grainy, but still has that lucious texture of risotto.

  2. No, I just used the Lundberg wild rice blend. It is so yummy. Most risotto recipes call for some kind of cream or milk, and cheese. I wanted it to be lighter in consistency so I left those out.